Environmentally Friendly

SILTZERO is an eco-friendly product, made of organic material. It is made of 100% Miscanthus which we grow organically on our farm! 

Sediment Retention

The proprietary particle size distribution of the filter media produces a product that offers superior filtration efficiency to a compost filter sock and weighs less at installation.

Easy To Install

SILTZERO is one of the easiest sediment rention solutions on the market! Simply lay it down and let it do the rest! 


Made with high-quality polypropylene material and filled with organically grown Miscanthus, SILTZERO is a high-quality sediment retention product.


SILTZERO has filled with 100% all natrual farm-grown miscanthus, grown near our warehouse at our farm in Minooka, IL.



SILTZERO has the ability to be reused or cut open and left in place! SILTZERO is Earth Friendly.

Convenient Packaging

SILTZERO is conveniently packed, making it easy to ship throughout the United States!


Perimeter Control

SILTZERO helps job sites keep the sediment on the job site and not end up on the other side of the perimeter. Keeping the sediment where it belongs and saving the earth’s most precious asset. 

Frozen or Hard Ground

SILTZERO replaces the need for Silt Fence to be installed when the ground freezes, lay it on the ground and leave it! It’s as easy as that. 

Inlet Protection

SILTZERO makes an easy alternative to other Inlet Protection products. Simply lay it around the inlet or down the slope towards an inlet. 

Stockpile Protection

Use SILTZERO to keep your dirt where it belongs! Keep your stockpile in compliance by using SILTZERO.

Slope Application

Have runaway sediment? Use SILTZERO and prevent erosion on hills and slopes! Only stake the wattle if it is more than 12° 

Protecting Agriculture Assets

Use SILTZERO to protect fields and beds of crops, protect roots from erosion problems.


Can this be shipped?

SILTZERO is ready to be shipped and can be shipped throughout the United States. Simply Call Us to order! 


SILTZERO is made from Freedom® Giant Miscanthus biomass filter media. The Freedom® Giant Miscanthus is a sterile hybrid compared to ordinary Miscanthus; Freedom® Giant Miscanthus is certified weed & seed free. 

Can I use this product during the winter?

Absolutely! SILTZERO can be used rain or shine! It has the unique ability to be placed on frozen or hard ground! Whether there is snow or not! 

Has this product been tested?

Yes it has! We have the specs! For more information on the specs email us at info@donnak4.sg-host.com

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